Google Advertising Agency For Local, Service-Based Businesses , B2B Consultants & SaaS Companies

Google Advertising Agency For Local, Service-Based Businesses , B2B Consultants & SaaS Companies

We’ll Help You Generate Leads on Autopilot

Predictably Generate High-Quality Leads for Business Using Google Ads

We’ve Generated 1000s of Leads in Dozens of Different Industries

Kathim Goes From an Average of 12 to 150 New Patient Inquiries a Month for his Dental Clinic

5X Instant ROI With Online Psychiatry Ads Within 3 Weeks

Commercial Construction Company Generates $750K in Revenue from $9.7K Ad Spend.

Hardscape Contractor Lands Multi-Foundation Deal In First 3 Weeks of Running Campaigns

100s of Low-Cost Leads Generated for a Private Testing Laboratory

And, Many More…

Ryan D. Moran – Owner of PPC Fire

I’ve always been fascinated with the natural sciences. TV shows like Animal Planet and Cosmos were in constant rotation during my childhood. Tinkering was also an obsession. I’d break down toys into their parts and see if I could reconstruct them for fun. These interests, as well as others, led me to pursue an Engineering Degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology. However, by senior year, I realized that my passions and strength were not fully aligned with the path I was on so I started to pursue other interests.

One of these interests was digital marketing. It was amazing to me that virtually any passion could be turned into a business through the use of the internet – this meant complete and total freedom. I began spending free time learning and testing concepts around search engine marketing. Several months later (April 10, 2016) is when I made my first sale online: $12 commission on an affiliate product.

It’s been a long and winding journey but since starting, I’ve ranked
multiple websites on the first page of Google, built thriving social
media profiles with 1000s of followers, and managed 100K+ in monthly
Google ad spend for a dozens of clients in a wide range of industries.

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