Google Adwords for Dentists - Everything I've Learned from Running 13 Accounts and Generating 700+ New Patient Leads in the Past 5 Months.

Interested in Running a FREE Trial?

I'm offering 2 Weeks Google Adwords Management to 5 Dental Offices that Qualify - Details Below!

I’ll run the exact dental campaign that produced the above mentioned results for one of your offices for 2 weeks (14 days) so that you can get a sense of what results you can achieve from Google Ads.

You don’t have to pay me anything for the setup or management of the account. You handle the ad spend and I’ll handle the rest!

Here’s what your trial includes:

                                        2 Minute Application Process

2 Minute Application Process

Why Am I Offering This?

At the end of the trial we’ll go over your results and I’ll ask you if you’d like to upgrade to on-going management. I’m not a fan of selling so would rather let the results speak for themselves. There’s no pressure or obligation to continue at the end of your trial period. Test it out and see for yourself!

Keep In Mind…

I’m only offering this to 5 dental office that exhibit traits that I know will lead to exceptional results. Further, this is something I’m only offering for the month of March so apply now because once this won’t be around for long.

Trial Accounts Left