Google Ads Management Services

The Top “Real Estate” in Google Results – Be the 1st Business Customers See When Searching for Your Services

How the Process Works

STEP 1: Person has a need and searches Google for a solution

STEP 2: Your ad is displayed at the top of the Google results page based on what we bid

STEP 3: User clicks over to your website/landing page

STEP 4: Visitor calls, submits a form, or any other trackable action

STEP 5: We report all lead information and ad metrics in a live dashboard display

Custom Builds

All Google Ad builds are custom-made and unique to your company.

Live Reporting Dashboards

You'll see up-to-date reports of your campaigns as well as get scheduled updates.

Tiered Packages

Choose from a variety of packages that suit any of your goals.

Service Exclusivity

We only work with a single service provider per location.

Flat Fee Management

Simple, flat management payments that align client and marketer incentives.

Month-to-Month Payments

No lock-in contracts. Cancel the service whenever you'd like.

Fencing Companies

67 Estimate Inquiries at $44 a Lead

Landscaping Companies

158 Leads for Hardscapes, Landscapes, and Snow Removal Services

Pest Control

96 Pest Control Inquiries Leading to Dozens of Estimates

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